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The highest bridge in sikkim

Shingshore Bridge

At an elevation of 198 m above the land, Shingshore Bridge is one of the highest Bridges in Sikkim which assures breathtaking view and incredible clickable sights. Located about 28 km distance away from Pelling, the splendid place is encircled with lush green hills dotted with waterfalls which make it most popular attraction places in Pelling.

Where tranquility and divinity blend

Khecheopalri Lake

Located about 32km distance away from Pelling, the divine lake is one of the best places to visit in Pelling. The charming lake holds religious significance as Buddhist and Hindus considered this lake a divine one. The lake is a crucial highlight of the Yuksom-Pelling trek that passes through woods, hamlets and cardamom fields.

Bliss amidst the hills

Changley Waterfall

Beautiful and gorgeous, Changley Waterfall is located at a distance of 10km from Pelling of Western Sikkim. It is the most popular attraction among tourists in Pelling you definitely should see. It is pretty much like white line waters falling from the height of 300 meters to the sound of chirping birds and greenery are magnificent to experience.

A Buddhist pilgrimage

Tashiding Monastery

Located at a distance of 35.2 km away from Pelling, Tashiding Monastery is one of the oldest and the holiest Buddhist Temple in Sikkim. Nestled on the top of a hill between Ranjit and Rathong Rivers, the beautiful monastery offers you a splendid view of Mt. Kanchendzong houses manis or stones plates carved with Buddhist mantras.

The Buddhist heritage

Pemayangtse Monastery

Located at a distance of 8.7 km away from Pelling, Pemayangtse Monastery is one of the most famous and beautiful in Sikkim. The elegant monastery is built on the highest hills encircled with natural beauty. At an elevation of 2085 m, it has antique items, some old painting, scriptures and also has attractive quarters for which is made of unpainted woods or stones.

A Buddhist pilgrimage

Sagachoeling Monastery

At a distance of 2km away from Pelling, Sagachoeling Monastery is one of the oldest Monasteries in Sikkim. This magnificent monastery has ancient wall paintings, statues, unique clay statues and scriptures. As a prestigious monastery in Sikkim, it is encircled with refreshing greenery and mesmerizing view of snow-capped peak offers you the perfect meditation sessions.

A paradise with quaint homestays

Darap Village

Located at an altitude of 1600 m, the unexplored Darap village is retained the flawless nature of its flora and fauna. At a distance of 13.8 km from Pelling, this pristine village offers lots of activities that can be done like trekking, handicraft making, traditional hose visiting, bird- watching and visiting at Kanchenjunga National Park.

An beautiful picnic spot

Sewaro Rock Garden

Sewaro Rock Garden is the well-known tourist attraction in Pelling and is developed by the department of tourism of Sikkim. This gorgeous garden offers pool, criss-cross footpaths, rocks and beautiful gardens. This garden is counted amongst the popular picnic spot in the region. The beautiful garden has a swimming yard, cafeteria and vantage points which provides a ravishing view of the surroundings.

Beautiful waterfall

Rimbi Waterfall

The gorgeous Rimbi Waterfall is located about 12 km distance away from Pelling. The marvelous waterfall is situated along the banks of Rivers Rimbi. Spouting stream of white that is Rimbi Waterfall is a huge one and is encased by levies greenery and it makes to spend an hour which is an amazing method to have a good time in Pelling.

The milky stream

Kanchenjunga Fall

Located about a distance of 29 km from Pelling, Kanchenjunga Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Sikkim. Situated at beautiful hill town of Pelling, this spot is one of the leading tourist spots in West Sikkim, flawless waterfall originated high up in the glacier of Mt. Kanchenjunga. The mesmerizing beauty of Kanchenjunga Waterfall serves as a splendid picnic spot to be traveling with friends or family.

One step closer to nature

Kanchenjunga National Park

Covering over an area 850sq km, Kanchenjunga National Park is one of the largest wildlife reserves in Sikkim. Located at a distance of 39.5 km from Pelling, the national park has numerous glaciers with Zemu glacier being the most significant one. It is the home to endemic and rare species of flora and fauna including the Himalayan Tahr and snow leopard. This unique biodiversity serves adventurous activities to do like trekking with a diverse landscape and breathtaking view.

In nature’s lap


Located about 29 km distance away from Pelling, Kuluk is one of the stunning places to visit in Pelling. At an elevation of 5600 ft, it is comprised of a discreet village is known for its tranquil atmosphere and mesmerizing view of Mt. Kanchendzonga. It is encircled with abundant of natural beauty which makes the place gem in the eco-tourism of Sikkim.

History with a magnificent view

Rabdentse Ruins

Located at a distance of 2 km from Upper Pelling, Rabdents is one of the best historical places in Sikkim. An encircled with dense forest, it is the part of Buddhist religious pilgrimage boundary starting with the first monastery at Yuksom known as the Dubdi Monastery, followed by Norbugang Chorten and Tashiding Monastery. The place offers a mesmerizing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and spectacular view of an entire valley.

Home to clean and calm lakes


Located in the peaceful, cosy, encircled with high hills and lush green forest, Yuksom is a frequently visited tourist destination in the state. At a distance of 40 km from Pelling, it is quite popular for its Dubdi Monastery and is a significant part of Buddhism pilgrimage. It is comprised of beautiful lakes where tourists can enjoy the serenity and quietude of surroundings.

A whole new paradise


Located at a distance of 89 km from hill town Pelling, Ravangla is the major tourist destination in West Sikkim. The paradise offers a stunning view of Mt. Kanchenjunga in the season of spring and summer. It is encircled with lush greenery of forest hills, undulating green valleys, fresh airy oxygen. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers, mountain lovers and trekkers.